Features explained...

Comparing the PTPdrive against different components and Windows versions


Scanner and Camera Wizard (XP, 2003)

Windows Explorer (XP, 2003)

Windows Explorer (Vista and newer)

Drive letter mapping

Fully customizable
picture file names
based on the camera/picture

Access to JPG pictures, AVI movies

Access to JPG and RAW (NEF)
pictures when camera is configured to
produce both for each
picture taken

Access to pictures which have the same file
name but are located in different folders
on the camera

Access to original folders as present in the camera

Availability of the PTPdrive features in various Windows versions

Windows XP
Windows 2003

Windows Vista and newer

Drive letter mapping

Custom icon for PTPdrive mapped drives

Custom icon for PTPdrive mapped drives

Shell integration - extending mapped drive's context menu

Shell integration - extending camera's context menu

✕ *

Integration to Windows AutoPlay (Camera Connected) event

Camera serial number support

Dual memory card camera support

Free space available on camera's memory card

*"Thanks" to Windows Resource Protection

'PTPdrive' application

'PTPdrive Settings' application

'Filename Format Builder' application

All the above metadata are substituted with real data from the pictures at the time the camera is mapped to a drive letter and file list is populated. The original filenames are not physically changed in the camera.

The final filename can contain user-defined strings and metadata, in any combination. The whole filename can be converted to lowercase, uppercase, or left as is. The window of the Filename Format Builder is resizable to accommodate large amount of metadata items selected and/or text entered.

Drive letter mapping

Windows Shell integration

"Map as PTP drive..." menu item to map this camera to a drive letter (if the camera is not mapped yet).

"Already mapped as V:" disabled menu item to let you know the mapping is already done.